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The Practice of iRest and How it Can Help You

Hello, I am Kelly Simonette. I am a practitioner of energetic bodywork and massage therapy and I also lead sessions of Yoga Nidra iRest. I was first introduced to Yoga Nidra during my massage training as part of our daily routine and preparation for the day.

Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice of guided meditation that brings a person to a state of deep relaxation, similar to that of being asleep while remaining aware and alert. It has been proven to increase the production of dopamine which increases feelings of well being through out the body and mind.

During a typical session of iRest, participants are invited to become comfortable in a seated or supine position (lying down) with plenty of support from bolsters or pillows and a blanket to cover up with. There are also additional props such as sand bags for the ankles or belly to provide additional grounding. Eye masks can also be used as well as weighted blankets. A person should be able to remain in the position comfortably for 45-60 minutes.

A session begins with a body scan, welcoming sensations to different parts of the body such as warmth or coolness, heaviness or lightness. Next is breath work that may include alternate nostril breathing or simply awareness of the breath. After breathwork there will be identifying of feelings or emotions and their location in the body followed by identifying the opposite emotion and its location in the body. Alternating back and forth between these opposites and then feeling both emotions at the same time.

The iRest session will end with a return to conscious awareness, reflecting on all that has been felt or experienced in unchanging awareness. The rising up and falling away of thoughts, feelings and emotions, ending with a feeling of well-being and wholeness.

Continued practice of iRest has been proven to help with anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, stress, grief, pain and more.

Written by: Kelly Simonette


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