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How to Manage Anger and Guilt Workshop - A Two Part Series

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Sponsored by Apricity Counseling and Wellness


Are you someone who experiences any of the following?

  • Gets angry easily

  • Can “explode” with anger

  • Has irritability that impacts your life and relationships

  • Often feels guilty even when you don’t think you need to

  • Isn’t sure whether your anger or guilt are justified

  • Isn’t sure whether or how to take action on your anger and/or guilt

  • Struggles with setting or maintaining boundaries

  • Struggles with how to communicate emotions effectively

  • Has anxiety that gets in the way of assertiveness

Then this two-part workshop might be just what you need!

What: How to Manage Your Anger and Guilt - A Two Part Series

Part 1: Understanding Anger and Guilt and how to take action

Part 2: Practicing taking action and understanding what the blockages or issues are - Including anxiety, communication practices, boundaries, and stored anger

*This workshop is for adults only

When: Part 1 - July 15th 9am-1pm, Part 2 - July 22nd 9am-1pm

Where: Apricity Counseling and Wellness (3464 Washington Drive, Suite 115, Eagan, MN 55122)

Cost: Part 1- $39; Part 2 - $39

Bring a friend, partner, or family member and get 25% off the ticket price for you and those you invited by using the promo code: friend-discount

Registration: Please register by July 10th for Part 1 and July 17th for Part 2.

For more information and to register go to:


For questions about workshop or registration please contact Sam Franklin at or 612-289-2038.



Sam Franklin (she/her), MA, LMFT and Stanley Thiele (he/him), JD, MS, LP, LMFT are psychotherapists who have been specializing in anger, guilt, and relationships for over 7 years, have co-led anger-guilt  groups and presented at conferences across Minnesota on these topics. They have jointly developed the Social Regulatory Theory of Anger and Guilt, which helps people better understand and manage these two emotions.

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